transCoder Queer Programming Anti-Language Software Development Kit

Picking up where old queer slang languages, like Polari, left off, transCoder is a sociolinguistic coding orientation designed to transcode between cultural layers and computational layers. As a queer programming anti-language, transCoder offers libraries rooted in theories of queerness as an attempt to severe ontological and epistemological ties to dominant technologies and interrupt the flow of circulation between heteronormative culture, coding, and visual interface. transCoder provides new programmatic and linguistic possibilities for the queerness.

Manufactured as a Software Development Kit, transCoder offers an open source environment for collaborative coding and making. Contents include: Compiler, Virtual Machine, API, Libraries, License, About. The Slash Goggles Algorithm, developed by Julie Russo, is the first program written with transCoder. Micha Cardenas of The Electronic Disturbance Theater has also used transCoder to create poetic sustenance on the Transborder Immigrant Tool as well as develop a femme Disturbance code library.

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transCoder Instruction Video, or How to Use a Queer Programming Anti-Language