Derivative Bomb Gay Bomb Variation #1

Our Derivative Bomb brings together QT’s earlier products transCoder, a queer programming anti-language, and Gay Bombs, a how-to manual for building queer activist weapons, to develop a social tool in solidarity with contemporary protest movements against finance capitalism.

We appropriate the derivative, notably referred to as “financial weapons of mass destruction” by Warren Buffet, to build and program a Derivative Bomb that functions as a response and interlocutor to queer struggles for economic autonomy. In basic terms, derivatives are contracts, and therefore, provide a conceptual basis for re-imagining political relationalities, constitutions, and forms of governance.

In our Derivative Bomb Focus Group video, we use the Derivative Bomb as a catalyst for public dialog, exploring both how conversation, opinion, and desire are shaped through coercive, marketing dynamics as well as expectations for how political art should function in relation to political struggle.

Download QT’s Derivative Bomb code, derivative_bomb.tC, to program your own Derivative Bomb today!

Queer Technologies: Derivative Bomb Focus Group Interview Excerpts